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From New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, comes this story that will captivate and consume from beginning to end. This is a must read for anyone who believes in true love.

Move on with your life, they said.

Forget her, they said.

But how could Ben Edwards forget the woman who was supposed to be his forever? When Grace Stevens disappeared—without a word, without a trace—she took half his soul with her.

Despite the heartbreak, Ben tried. He tried to take their advice by pursuing his career. He tried to find fulfillment in his work. He tried to find peace.

Grace had been the love of his life. Her fingerprints were on every surface of his existence. He had success and wealth. He had everything, except her.

Then fate stepped in one serendipitous night. The hope he’d held on to for three long, agonizing years appeared before him in the form of a picturesque beauty.

Was she real, or an apparition returning to haunt him? He wasn’t sure, but he wouldn’t stop until he found his missing love. Every minute mattered, and he wouldn’t waste a second chance.IMG_7970

It’s pretty rare that I begin reading a book without knowing hardly anything about it and jump in totally blind. That absolutely happened with Missing Grace. My thought process went something like, S.L. Scott wrote it so I know the writing with be exceptional. The plot involves soulmates and second chances, which is awesome! When can I start?

“What happened to her and why couldn’t I save her?”

I highly recommend you do the same with this novel. Missing Grace is packed with so many secrets and twists so it was extra exciting having no idea what to expect. After reading the first chapter, I couldn’t believe it! Like wait a minute. What now? How in the heck is this going to play out?

“He couldn’t let Grace go.”

Ben Edwards is everything. When you think of a man devoted to a woman, this is your guy. His love for Grace is undeniable and seriously special to experience. No matter what happens, how he feels for her will never change. This author did a fantastic job creating and explaining his adoration to her. Page after page, I felt Ben’s unwavering affection and desire to be near Grace. To have love of this caliber is truly amazing.

“Every beat was a love letter written long before this moment, every beat an eternal promise he vowed to keep.”

Grace is more difficult to describe due to the storyline but my commitment to her was slower to stick, which I believe adds a great balance considering how quickly I became attached to Ben. She’s a very strong and inspiring character that many of us can relate to. Her genuine personality shines from the pages.

“Destiny is shaped by choice, not by chance.”

I appreciated the combination of elements mixed throughout this novel. There is glorious romance, electric tension, intriguing mystery, and sexy seduction. I was interested by the slow build mixed with rapid fire, depending on the scene. Each chapter revealed so much interesting detail and engaging dialogue. The story gets unlocked at a steady pace that left me on the edge of my seat. You won’t be able to stop once you start!

“You were sweethearts for as long as, well, forever.”

If you’re looking for an extraordinary love story, grab Missing Grace now!

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