A contemporary adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Billionaire President William Darcy has it all: wealth, intelligence, and the most powerful job in the country. Despite what his friends say, he is not lonely in the White House. He’s not. And he has vowed not to date while he’s in office. Nor is he interested in Elizabeth Bennet. She might be pretty and funny and smart, but her family is nouveau riche and unbearable. Unfortunately, he encounters her everywhere in Washington, D.C.—making her harder and harder to ignore. Why can’t he get her out of his mind?

Elizabeth Bennet enjoys her job with the Red Cross and loves her family, despite their tendency to embarrass her. At a White House state dinner, they cause her to make an unfavorable impression on the president, who labels her unattractive and uninteresting. Those words are immediately broadcast on Twitter, so the whole world now knows the president insulted her. Elizabeth just wants to avoid the man—who, let’s admit it, is proud and difficult. For some reason he acts all friendly when they keep running into each other, but she knows he’s judging her.

Eventually, circumstances force Darcy and Elizabeth to confront their true feelings for each other, with explosive results. But even if they can find common ground, Mr. Darcy is still the president—with limited privacy and unlimited responsibilities—and his enemies won’t hesitate to use his feelings for Elizabeth against him.

Can President Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find their way to happily ever after?


As Will settled on the stool next to hers, Elizabeth could only stare at his hands. So strong and competent.  How would they feel stroking her skin?

“Good,” Will said. 

Had he read her mind?  “Sorry?” 

“The cake is good,” he explained as he chewed.  “Very rich.”

Cake.  He was talking about cake!  Not her skin.  Was she beginning to obsess?  Did she even need to ask?  This was definitely obsession territory. 

Elizabeth’s head angled down as she kept her attention on the cake.  Yeah, okay, I’m in love with the guy, but maybe it’s just a crush.  A crush would be better, easier to recover from when things don’t work out.  Stop obsessing.  Focus on something else.  Taking another forkful, she savored the rich mocha flavor, the smooth texture. 

I can do this; I can clear out the obsessive thoughts.  Obsessive thoughts about the President of the United States.  Where the hell had her common sense gone?  China? 

Will cleared his throat, drawing her attention back to his impossibly handsome face.  He seemed to be blushing, but it must have been a trick of the light.  “Um…when we get back to D.C…”  He swallowed.  “Would you have dinner with me one night?”

Did he mean a date?  Safer to assume he didn’t.  “You mean to talk about refugee issues?  Sure.  Although I might not be the best-qualified person for a policy discussion—”

“Not to discuss policy.”  He cut her off.  “Although,” he added hastily, “I mean, we can talk about whatever you want.” Will dropped his head into his hands.  “God, I’m babbling.”  His nervousness was reassuring. 

His head rose, and stormy blue eyes met hers.  “Elizabeth, will you go on a date with me?”

“Oh.” Impossible to misinterpret that. At the same time, the world had grown slightly surreal.  Is this really happening?

His words rekindled all her internal debates, recalling all the logical reasons why opening her heart was a terrible idea.  But he was standing before her, somber gray-blue eyes watching her as if she were the most precious thing in the world.  At the moment logic seemed like an alien concept. 

Her entire body was vibrating at a very high frequency.  She could see the uncertainty in his eyes.  Hear the hitch in his breathing.  Feel the warmth from his body.  As if her every sense had been magnified.  Really, there was only one possible response. “Um, sure, I’d love that,” she heard herself say.

His smile started as a mere quirk of the lips and grew into a broad grin.  “I’ll try not to be too proud and difficult.”

She winced.  “I never should have said that.”

Darcy shook his head, his lips pressed together.  “I deserved it. My parents told me to be compassionate to others…but taught me, through their words and actions, to be proud and judgmental.”

She couldn’t stand one more second of not touching him.  Reaching out her hand, she stroked Will’s jawline.  “When I said that, I didn’t understand you.  You have no improper pride…and I was the one being difficult.” 

He held his breath, lips slightly opened, completely immobile as if worried about scaring her away. “Wow,” he said softly. 

A second later he slid off his stool, and his lips were on hers.

This kiss wasn’t as good as the one on the airplane.  It was better. Much better.

She let go of the reservations, the what-ifs, and focused on the moment.  Her mouth opened instantly and his tongue stroked hers, tasting of mocha and milk and the faintest hint of mint.  Inhaling deeply, she breathed in the scent of sandalwood and the unique smell that was Will Darcy.  He made a sound, deep in the back of his throat, that signaled his desire…and stoked hers.

His hands flowed around her body; one settled on her upper back while the other caressed her lower back teasingly under the edge of her tank top.  The slide of skin against skin was addictive.  She craved more.   And Will obliged.  He inched closer to plunder her mouth more thoroughly.   She pulled him closer still by wrapping her legs around his hips and drawing him to her body.  He hissed out a breath and embraced her more tightly, the force of his passion pushing Elizabeth’s stool until she bumped against the island.

tag3President Darcy was one of the best modern Pride and Prejudice adaptions EVER!! It was fun, clever and sexy! I loved it so much!!  I pictured Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the whole way through!! And believe me Besties, it was WONDERFUL!!



 tag35tag6Victoria has offered to give an eBook copy or a paperback copy of President Darcy to one lucky BESTIE!!  Comment below for a chance to win! 

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