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**They Know – (Won’t Hurt Them) Trilogy Series Finale**

What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them. ~Bria

  1. They Don’t Know what I would do to get what I want. ~BryantThey Know what I did. ~CruzOur bodies are broken, hearts shattered, and souls have bonded. We’ve become a team whose secrets would destroy each other if placed in a room together.

    Can we all co-exist? Hell no! ~Bria~Bryant~Cruz

    In this business, someone will lose.
    In the end, someone will die.
    What they don’t know… is who.

    Available Now
    Amazon – https://goo.gl/QqvYHF
    B&N – https://goo.gl/a6UO1E
    Itunes – https://goo.gl/3MQxsm
    Kobo – https://goo.gl/nNR2wG
    Goodreads – https://goo.gl/hc2B9n

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    The Start of it all, is on sale for .99 cent Sale
    **What They Don’t (Won’t Hurt Them) Trilogy Book One**

    Amazon – https://goo.gl/3rWxa9
    IBooks – https://goo.gl/pnfgFb
    B&N – https://goo.gl/bd1JA1
    Kobo – https://goo.gl/ocwEfK
    Goodreads – https://goo.gl/G0yfr9

    **They Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Them) Trilogy Book Two**
    Amazon – https://goo.gl/a9zqRX
    IBooks – https://goo.gl/pIz5uS
    B&N – https://goo.gl/KjNiGM
    Kobo – https://goo.gl/IqGR61
    Goodreads – https://goo.gl/7zMXGT


    Wow! What a finale. I think i was in book-gasm 100% of this read.
    Answers just flowed from the pages while i was shaking and fanning from excitement at the twist of event that were unveiled. And continued to unveil from beginning to end with exciting twists and turns. As a trilogy lover, I have to say this book was the finale to set the bar!
    Intoxicating read, well plotted out to unfold with twist’s you wont see coming throughout.
    This climactic HEA ending will not disappoint!
    5+ huge stars!




















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