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tag17When you have a thrice-a-day Starbucks addiction, a love affair with Louboutins, and an apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world, the last thing you need is to lose your job. But that’s what happened to me—or what will, unless I can pull off the impossible: find Eli Murphy.

Eli, notorious playboy and New York City high roller, is the founder of the newzine where I work. He’s been MIA for three years. But I think I can find him. If I do, and I get his story, I can keep my job.

What could go wrong?
Ask me when I’m tangled in my lies—and his bed sheets.IMG_8429IMG_7971Jake Irons is a new-to-me author and I’m so glad I stumbled upon his debut novella. The cover and blurb drew me in so I was eager to get my hands on the story!

The book starts off with a determined reporter searching for the secretive man that owns the newspaper where she works. If she can’t get to him though, she won’t have a job much longer. The race-against-the-clock deadline is exciting and kept me reading to gather answers.

Tara’s desperation to find Eli is palpable and I felt her driving need to discover his hidden location. The story stacks up as more clues are dropped and I was entertained by the suspenseful theme. I easily became committed to this mysterious journey that suddenly becomes sexy and romantic.

This author does a great job blending the drama with the steam! I was super into it page after page. You get a nice variety of elements throughout and I believe this tale will appeal to a wide audience. Definitely give Finding Eli a chance and get ready for the second installment coming soon!


tag15Jake Iron’s is the author of Finding Eli (Part One) and the upcoming Unraveling Eli.

You can connect with him on Facebook and Goodreads.

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