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123456 ★☆★☆★

“Loved this book! Ryker and Lennon are perfectly broken and yet so whole together. My first Harloe Rae read and I am so looking forward to reading more from her.” — USA Today bestselling author LJ Shen


“Watch Me Follow has everything you can expect from a Harloe Rae romance: quirky but lovable characters, lots of soulmates sweetness, and satisfyingly hard-won HEA. Another soulful and unique read!”  — USA Today bestselling author Ella James


“A truly unique and unforgettable romance! FIVE STARS!” — USA Today bestselling author Tia Louise


“You can’t help but adore Lennon and “Seek.” I fell in love with both of them at the beginning of the book, and never wavered with each flip of the page. His fierce protectiveness of her only made me love him more.” — USA Today bestselling author AM Hargrove


“If you love a tortured hero who finds peace with the woman of his dreams, read this book! I devoured Ryker and Lennon’s sweet and charming story. Watch Me Follow has quickly become my favorite Harloe Rae book!” USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry


“Watch me Follow is sweet, charming, and so, so heartwarming. Harloe Rae just conjured up my dream boyfriend!” – Sunniva Dee, Amazon #1 bestselling author of romantic erotica.



Sweet coconut fills the air and I breathe deeply, desperate to inhale her scent. A rumble rises from my throat.

She smells so damn good.

Lennon’s breath hitches and the knuckles clutching her bag turn white. Everyone is terrified of me, but is she? Most would say yes based off her reaction but they don’t watch her like I do. If Lennon were truly terrified, she’d already be locked inside the apartment, safe behind a closed door. Instead, she continues standing before me. Just staring silently.


These questions hound me more than anything else. The curiosity eats away at me, even more so lately, so I’ve found myself becoming bolder. This isn’t the first time we’ve been in this situation, almost close enough to touch yet the distance seems like a gaping hole. Desperation gnaws at me to close the gap. 
            I’ve been getting more reckless on purpose because of this frenzied desire, like I want her to catch me. In high school, we had a chance but it slipped away because I was too chicken shit to pursue her.

I won’t make those mistakes again.

If Lennon gives me reason to believe she wants to know who I am, there’s no backing down. She never sees my face so she isn’t aware who’s beneath the hood. Sometimes I wonder if she senses I’m always around. When she glances out her window or peers around the corner, does she know it’s always this dark stranger watching over her? I’m usually out of direct sight, except instances like this but… maybe she finds me familiar for some reason.

What would happen if I lowered my shield and showed her who I am? Would she be scared then? Or would she be happy to see me? 
            What would happen then?
            The unknown grates on my already fraying nerves. 
            Four years is a long time to wonder. My fingers twitch as I think about pulling the hood down. I could start with my face…Cover2


Harloe was born and raised in Minnesota. She is married to an amazing man and they have an adorable baby boy. They are what make life worth living for her. Harloe has a day job that she loves and is also passionate about horses, blogging, country living, and having fun.

Harloe has been in love with romance since she was a little girl reading fairy tales. The dream is to find the perfect person that completes your life, right? Novels have a way of bringing fantasy to reality and she’s always up for an unforgettable adventure.

Stalk Harloe on her blog (www.harloe-rae.blog) or send her a message at harloe.rae@gmail.com

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