tag41So you guys know how much I LOVE Mr. Darcy… and I know we have a few Janeites here in our Besties group! So here is the real question? How do you like your Darcy? Prim and Proper or do you envision a Darcy a little bit more risqué? Perhaps a Sexy, Hog Riding, Assassin Darcy?  HEEHEE!!  

Well ladies, I have a treat for you!!! I am a huge fan of Jane Austen retellings, adaptions and variations! My absolute favorite of course are those of Pride and Prejudice. I love them all, from the chaste regency retellings to the sexy modern adaptions. I just finished a modern variation called Denial of Conscience by Cat Gardiner and I am eager to share it with you!  The plot and setting was very different from anything I have read in Austenesque and that to me was very refreshing. Ms. Gardiner took the characters of Pride and Prejudice and transported them in a modern setting and made them her own. 

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So enough about that and let me introduce you to….



A Sultry, Modern Pride and Prejudice-Inspired Adventure

Romance … Adventure … Exotic … Erotic

Inspired by Jane Austen’s most alluring romantic couple, this modern adventure stars adaptations of characters from Pride and Prejudice and her other books.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is steel, rock-n-roll, and Tennessee whiskey. Liz Bennet is orchids, opera, and peaches with cream. Thrown together they are physically and emotionally charged TNT, ready to explode!

Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman hiding from living life to its fullest, finds herself willing to accept an untenable marriage arrangement solely for the sake of achieving her father’s selfish aspiration to save the family’s historic home. But even duty and obligation fail to hinder her inner conscience from spurring her to leave – to run – to escape before it’s too late. Prompted by a cataclysmic event and the arrival of an attractive, enigmatic man, Liz is thrust into a dangerous liaison where her spirit learns to fly amidst international intrigue.

Fitzwilliam Darcy was born into the wealth of Northern Virginia’s world of refinement and competitive polo. When a horrific family event rocks his world and shatters his trust in women, he leaves everything behind, determined to never look back. Running from his past and the man he once was, he enters a world of danger, first as a Navy SEAL, then as a government-sanctioned assassin. After thirteen years fortified by his hurt and anger, carrying a career moniker “The Iceman,” Darcy finds he still can’t avoid his own conscience – beckoning him home to Pemberley, its demons, and the man he was meant to be. Fate steps in when a beautiful woman suddenly appears at the end of his deadly rifle scope and he chooses not to take his signature kill shot.

Experience adventure, lust, and danger as we burn rubber on the back of Darcy’s motorcycle through Washington, D.C. and Mount Vernon, Virginia. We’ll fly with our hero and heroine to play roulette in Monte Carlo and take the bullet train to Seville to tango in the moonlight. The island of Capri invites us to indulge before our final stop, Marrakech, Morocco where the exotic city of Arabian Nights brings us to our thrilling climax. Will this seemingly mismatched pair find the peace and the life they were both meant to live? Will “conscience” win out with Liz & Darcy finding happiness in one another’s arms? As Darcy would say, “Don’t be afraid. Get on… let’s ride.”

Authors Note: Jane Austen wrote such wonderful characters, I borrowed their names and some of their characteristics to tell my own tale of hard-won, contemporary love.

BE ADVISED: This story contains explicit sexual scenes.


tag19The door opened, and she stepped onto the metal grate in those gold strappy shoes, and he grabbed her arm, pulling her onto his body.

In steadying herself, she accidentally placed her right hand over the pistol holstered below his leather jacket.  As if touching him burned her hand, Liz reacted as only a woman scorned would: she slapped him hard. “Get your hands off me!”

The powerful wind filled the small space where they stood fixed, almost embracing, as the train rocked violently on the tracks. 

“No. I won’t let go of you!” Darcy yanked at the hem of her dress.  Are you wearing this for…him…Lizzy? That’s right. You’re just a tease, another fickle woman like the rest of them.”

“What if I am wearing it for him? You shouldn’t care.  It was you who rejected me, not the other way around.  I’m hardly fickle, but you made it clear you were not interested!”

“So you are getting back at me for trying to protect you? For having the sense to back away so I can remain objective and focused in spite of what is obviously happening between us? I’m trying to keep you safe while finding your father.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. Nothing is happening between us.  Remember, I’m not a romantic.  And don’t lie to me by saying you chose not to sleep with me in order to protect me! That’s the lamest excuse I’ve heard for protecting yourself.” Your selfish actions only show your a coward! You’re afraid Darcy. Admit it, you’re afraid of me!”

“Yeah, I am so afraid of you that I brought you with me to Europe, nearly made love to you countless times, and vowed to protect you.  Not to mention, I bought you that diamond necklace. Come to think of it, I am afraid! I’m afraid of the fact that I did it all against my better judgement!”

Echoing the turbulence of insults being hurled and the tempestuous emotions, the vicious wind continued to hammer them, only serving to heighten their anger at each other.

“Countless times? Against your better judgement?  You didn’t seem to think it was against your better judgment in that closet! In fact, you said you wanted me from the first time you say me at Longbourne. Another lie, since the first time you saw me was at the dance studio! As I said, you are nothing more than a snake in the grass!”

GAH!!!  FEEL THAT PASSION!!!  Darcy and Lizzy have always had so much sexual tension!  Which is why their love story has been told in different variations for over 200 years!!!

To read an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Darcy and details about the Darcy Gift Pack Click HERE!

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