tag11Same Page by G.L. Tomas


tag36Naima vibed with Timothy from the first moment they met. Attraction wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did—with no time to turn back.

Timothy knew better. But that moment—her mouth pressed against his—made him forget about his girlfriend and he would do anything to get another chance to kiss those lips.

Can two close friends get on the same page in this Brown Sugar meets Love Jones interracial erotic romance!


She laughed and, in turn, made me laugh. Naima’s laugh was wacky but drove me crazy. I tucked the money into my back pocket and was met with Naima kneeling down in front of me, rubbing her palms up and down the fronts of my legs.

“I hate to admit this, but you have me so fucking curious.”

I suppose that was a step up from dissing me earlier, but I didn’t blame her for how she felt. If it were me in the same situation, I wouldn’t fuck a girl who had a man either. Yet there was something that drew me to Naima. I felt it. She felt it. We just vibed.

“I guess that can only be good, right?” I said, licking my lips. I interlocked my fingers in hers, and it was then I noticed how small her hands were.

“Look, this might not mean much, Naima, but I am really, really, really fucking attracted to you. I just want to be honest. Just in case you decide that being my friend is something you decide you still want to be. I won’t ever disrespect you, but I can’t pretend I don’t feel a certain way when you’re around.”

If she was just a pretty face, it would’ve been easier to ignore. All my homegirls were pretty, but that didn’t mean I was trying to cross that line with any of them. She was different. Relaxed, fun, intelligent, and didn’t take herself too seriously. I could be myself around her. To me, there wasn’t anything sexier.

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Teaser Three Same Page

tag15Guinevere is the G. Libertad is the L. Seems fitting to go by GL Tomas as twin coauthors with a mission. Known to most as the “Twinjas” from the platform Twinja Book Reviews, a review blog that supports and promotes diversity in YA titles and speculative fiction, they hope to successfully cross genres successfully with their romance debut Same Page.

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