tag17All Bliss Kaufman wanted was a sandwich and a nap after a grueling day beautifying this week’s bridal party. So when a bartender with a panty-melting grin offers her dinner and a ride on his motorcycle, Bliss swerves from her plans for one unexpected night with Talan McGregor. Just one. It was never supposed to go further. But once isn’t enough for Talan who returns demanding more–and his timing couldn’t be worse. A life-changing diagnosis forces Bliss to abandon her carefully crafted plans. Even though she can make anyone beautiful with enough makeup and hair product, she can’t fix everything with her 50-pound bag of beauty tricks. Bliss is starting to think she might need Talan after all, but letting him in means cracking open her heart and embracing a life without a safety net.

After all, love is life’s greatest complication, and might just be worth the risk.

*Due to sexual content and graphic language this book is intended for readers 18+*

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tag1A Taste of Bliss is Adrian R. Hale’s debut novel and I feel she has introduced herself into the author realm with a very solid release. This is a sugary-spice romance with a little edge. A Taste of Bliss is a fun and uplifting story to enjoy that left me with warm fuzzies. I appreciate the takeaway feelings and hidden messages that I can apply to my life. I want to give my mom a huge hug and visit some wineries!

Bliss is a great girl and I feel she is easy to relate to. Her spunky attitude and caring personality made it effortless to like her. Bliss is driven and independent but she needs to allow someone past her barriers. It has been far too long since she let herself fully relax and give control over to someone else for a change. Meeting an extremely handsome and flirty bartender at the end of a long day is exactly what Bliss needs.

Talan is a modern day Prince Charming and he plays this role very well. He is a guy any girl would be lucky to call her own and I was a little jealous of how amazing is to Bliss. Talan is very sweet, devoted, and honest… swoon-worthy! He is definitely what Bliss has been waiting for without realizing it because they compliment each other so well.

The storyline is whimsical and light but there are several intensely emotional aspects as well, such as the terminal battle Bliss’s mom is fighting against cancer. I felt myself tearing up plenty when Bliss and her mother shared a personal moment. The connection between Bliss and Talan was yummy; exactly what a lovely romance is all about. There is a steam factor without going overboard so anyone can enjoy this novel. Adrian R. Hale did very well with setting scenes and providing details but I could have used more back story as well as character development. I look forward to what this author creates next and experience her writing as it evolves.

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tag15IMG_9257.JPGAdrian R. Hale loves sugar and spice and everything nice–so of course she loves a good happy ending, in fiction and otherwise.

When she’s not writing, she is making people beautiful as a hair and makeup artist, or trying to run off her overconsumption of sugar. A born and raised California girl, she now resides in Austin, TX with her husband and fur babies.

Playing with her imaginary friends is as common to her now as it was when she was a child; the only difference is now she lets other people know about them through her writing. She would love to hear from you at adrianrhale@gmail.com or Facebook.com/adrianrhaleauthor.

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