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What They Don’t Know by OY Flemming


What They Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Them) Series
Book One
by O.Y. Flemming
Editor: Peggy Hurst, Hot Tree Editing
Final Edits: Mandy Pederick, Hot Tree Editing
Cover photograph by Underexposed Photography
Cover Designer: Bobbie Bohn
Formatted: Jesse Gordon


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His perfect intentions…
made him want more.
Her discretions…
kept her feelings at bay.
His fixated needs…
kept him disciplined, until her.
Their secrets… are secrets
This is no ordinary love triangle. Bria’s love for her best friend has outweighed many obstacles. That is until Cruz King forces his way into the lives of these two. Bria’s relationship with Bryant has never seen worse. Cruz King’s presence has gotten stronger and is weighing in on Bria. But is Bria too focused on the love of her career, to let anything stop her from building a mini-empire. So many secrets, so many truths… No one knows anything in this deception triangle of love… No one.




What I love so much about this book as I do many of my favorite reads, it captures your attention right in the first chapters.

I fell right into the story and have been going back to look at the fine details over and over. I find myself thinking about them and what will happen next.

It’s a little of the guilty pleasure i allow myself.

A great Hot read!  

I fell in love with the characters and I cant wait to know the sub-characters better in the next edition of the trilogy.

I love the leading lady Bria. Intelligent, confident and a lot of spunk!  

And her entourage of  business associates……. who wouldn’t love them………oyf3-10-16


O.Y. Flemming is an anti-water; anti-forbidden fruit user. She loves blending different coffee together, to create the perfect coffee hybrid. When she’s not sleeping; procrastinating; or obsessing over cars, she’s reading. Her love of books started at an early age; she would form book clubs with her elementary friends, and write book reports for fun. As an adult, she was re-introduced to reading again and found a love for story-telling. She loves the reading community; it’s no place like home.




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