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Growing and Kissing by Helena Newbury!


tag17Louise – I need $500,000 or my sister dies. My only chance is to use my skills with plants to grow weed…but I know nothing about being a criminal. I need Sean O’Harra, the sledgehammer-wielding enforcer everyone fears. He’s the last person I should get involved with…but I go weak every time I’m near him.
Sean – I know I should stay away. She’s too feckin’ innocent to get involved in my world. But as soon as I see her, I have to help. I have to protect her from the cops, the rival gangs…all while resisting the urge to grab her, kiss her, and show her what bad really is.


tag15Need to contact me? helenanewburyauthor@gmail.com

I write the “Kissing” books – standalone romantic suspense novels that can be read in any order. Expect tension, steam, and men big enough to pick you up and carry you (or throw you down on the bed).

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